Living in Tokyo – a guide for students

Tokyo is a modern metropolis that is known for being an eclectic mix of traditional, modern, local and foreign influences – you’ll be able to find most things you need here. We know it can still be a bit tough figuring out the basics when you first move to a new place though, so we’ve

Rice as a plant – more than just filling our bellies

Rice is a staple plant food that makes up a large portion of diets from Japan to sub-Saharan Africa and South America. Despite being grown for the grain, other parts of the plant don’t go to waste – there are a myriad uses for various parts of the plant. Professor Okada shares how during the

Welcome ZEF junior researchers and professor!

IPADS – ZEF Joint Coursework Initiative  2018  (April  15 ~ 23) As part of IPADS–ZEF Joint Coursework Initiative, IPADS welcomed 4 junior researchers and Professor Guenther Manske from ZEF (Center for Development Research) of University of Bonn, Germany in April at the Yayoi campus in Tokyo. During 9 days in the University of Tokyo, IPADS

Congratulations for your graduation!

Two students in IPADS Master’s program received a diploma at 2017 Spring Diploma Presentation/Graduate Commencement Ceremony in the University of Tokyo on 22 March. The photo above was taken during commencement in the Department of Global Agricultural Sciences on Thursday and shows that Shogufa Popal, one of two graduates of the IPADS receives her diploma