Faculty & Staff

IPADS students will be supervised for research by one of the following faculty members (as of September 2022)

Applicants for the PhD program must contact their potential supervisor(s) directly and prepare a research proposal with him/her prior to application. The IPADS Office does not offer assistance for potential applicants to select their PhD supervisors.

For the MSc program, prospective students shortlisted for admission may contact their potential supervisors to discuss research opportunities. Until then, all MSc application-related inquiries should be directed to the IPADS Office.

<Teaching staff>

Toru FUJIWARA, Professor Plant Science
Saneyuki KAWABATA, Professor Plant Science
Yoichiro KATO, Professor Plant Science
Kae MIYAZAWA, Associate Professor Plant Science
Akihiko KAMOSHITA, Professor Plant Science
Yuji YAMASAKI, Assistant Professor *2,5 Plant Science
Yukie SAITO, Professor  *2 Plant Material Science
Takuya AKIYAMA, Associate Professor Plant Material Science
Satoshi KUBO, Associate Professor *1 Plant Material Science
Hiromi NAKANISHI, Associate Professor
Plant Biotechnology
Nobuhiro SUZUKI, Professor *2 Economics
Takeshi SAKURAI, Professor *2 Economics
Katsuhiro SAITO, Professor Economics
Kentaro KAWASAKI, Associate Professor Economics
Takeshi SATO, Associate Professor Economics
Yasunobu MATSUMOTO, Professor Animal Science
Hideki ENDO, Professor Animal Science
Tetsuya ARAKI, Associate Professor Food Science
Daisuke, NEI, Associate Professor  *1,2 Food Science
Masaru MIZOGUCHI, Professor *3 Agroinformatics
Satoshi TSUYUKI, Professor *3 Forestry
Naoto KAMATA, Professor Forestry
Kenji FUKUDA, Professor Forestry
Toshiaki OWARI, Associate Professor Forestry
Takuya HIROSHIMA, Associate Professor Forestry
Tamotsu SATO, Associate Professor *1 Forestry
Nobuyuki YAGI, Professor Fisheries
Shuichi ASAKAWA, Professor Fisheries
Marcy N. WILDER, Professor *1 Fisheries
Tomohiko KAWAMURA, Professor *2 Fisheries
Yutaro SAKAI, Associate Professor Fisheries
Hiroe ISHIHARA, Associate Professor   *4 Fisheries (Environmental Sociology)
Mitsuo YAMAMOTO, Professor Environmental Science
Taku NISHIMURA, Professor Soil Science
Toshiya OKURO, Professor Ecology

*1 : Adjunct faculty; faculty members who belong to an organization outside the university but can become a thesis supervisor for an IPADS student
*2 : Unable to become thesis supervisor for both MSc and PhD student
*3 : Unable to become thesis supervisor for PhD student
*4 : Cross-Appointed Faculty who belongs to a graduate school of the university other than the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences

*5 : Not principal investigator



<IPADS Office>   Contact: info[at]ipads.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Mitsuo YAMAMOTO   IPADS Director, Professor
Yuji YAMASAKI       Assistant Professor
Soko FUJIMORI    Admission Affairs/Communications
Rumi TAKESHITA       Admission Affairs/Communications