Cost of Study, Scholarships


At the University of Tokyo, the one-off enrollment fee and annual tuition are payable at the same rate regardless of the area of study or the number of credit points awarded.

Master’s Course Doctoral Course
Admission Fee (One Time Only)                                 ¥282,000
Tuition Fee (Annual)         ¥535,800         ¥520,800

For more details about the cost of study at the University of Tokyo, please refer to UT Prospective-Students website.

Fellowship & Scholarships

IPADS offers a range of full funding opportunities from internal / external sources that students can apply for together with application for admission to IPADS.  Availability of each funding opportunity varies each year.

The University of Tokyo Fellowship
The University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Students (The University of Tokyo Fellowship) aims at providing a research grant to high-achieving, postgraduate international students who are privately-funded to assist their academic pursuits at the University and at promoting a greater acceptance of excellent students from overseas. A monthly research grant of 200,000 yen during the standard period of their program is offered to outstanding applicant in IPADS each year by the University. From October 2022 intake, selection will be conducted by IPADS examination committee on applicants in Round One and Two screening for admission to IPADS.

 Scholarship offered by Japanese government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) more>>

Note: An applicant for IPADS is not allowed to apply for both MEXT “embassy recommendation” and “university recommendation” scholarships at the same time of admission.

MEXT “University Recommendation” Scholarship
A limited number of the fully-funding scholarship by the Japanese government is offered to outstanding international applicant in IPADS each year based on the University recommendation. The scholarship covers the enrollment fee, tuition, travel cost as well as living expenses. Selection will be conducted concurrently with Round One screening for admission to IPADS. Number of successful applicants change in each year.
MEXT “Embassy Recommendation” Scholarship
This scholarship offered by the Japanese government covers the enrollment fee, tuition, travel cost as well as living expenses. Prospective international students interested in this scholarship should contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their home country. The application deadline differs for each country, but as a guideline, it is usually between March and May. Selection processes for the scholarship and IPADS admission (Round Two) are conducted separately, the former by the Japanese government and the latter by IPADS (university), at about the same time.

 Other Scholarships

IPADS MSc course has been selected as one of the 29 participating programs for the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJWBGSP).  Selection processes for IPADS admission and this scholarship are conducted separately, the former by IPADS and the latter by the World Bank. Those seeking the scholarship are required to pass the screening for admission for IPADS first and apply to the World Bank for the scholarship with a Certificate of Admission (unconditional admission offer) issued by IPADS. Applications for JJWBGSP with the CoA of IPADS will be accepted by the World Bank in the Application Window #1  (Application period for 2023 intake: From Mid January, 2023 to Late February, 2023. The exact period will be announced by the World Bank official website.) . For detail, please check the World Bank official website.
JJWBGSP is open to women and men from developing countries with relevant professional experience and a history of supporting their countries’ development efforts.
JDS Vietnam
IPADS MSc course is welcoming applicants through the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) in Vietnam (accepting from October 2022 intake to October 2025 intake). Nationals in Vietnam who are interested in applying for IPADS MSc and obtaining this scholarship should check the information from the links below and follow the instructions. JICE, the funding organization usually start calling for applications in around August of the year before the year of planned admission.
JDS Vietnam>>

IPADS also welcomes JICA certified applicants who have passed an initial screening by JICA. The JICA funding programs accepted by IPADS vary each year. Those who intend to apply for the JICA funding programs should contact the local JICA offices in their countries and follow the instructions.
Such funding programs include and not limit to;

JICA ABE Initiative
・SDG’s Global Leadership Program
・Investment Promotion and Industrial Development for Asian Region
・Development of Core Human Resource in Agricultural Sector (Myanmar)
・Project for Human Resources Development of Public Administration for Sustainable Development

A number of other scholarships, both publicly and privately funded, may be available to students with extraordinary merits after enrollment in IPADS. To check the available scholarships at our graduate school, please visit the OICE (Office for International Cooperation and Exchange) website.

On-Campus job

After enrollment, students can apply for a range of on-campus jobs including Teaching Assistant and Tutorship for newly entering international students. These job opportunities usually are offered through a thesis supervisor of each student.
<IMPORTANT> International students coming to study and research at universities are assigned the status of residence “College Student” (ryugaku) and working is not permitted. However, if students apply and obtain “Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” they can work up to 28 hours per week.
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Tuition exemption

In addition, the University offers a tuition waiver program for other students who meet certain criteria. Please visit UT Prospective-Students website for more details.