IPADS Student Theses

IPADS Master theses and Doctoral dissertations

as of September 2020

The student theses are listed by academic year of completion. Some theses are linked to the document in PDF or Utokyo Repository for further access. Please contact each supervisor to get an access to a thesis without a link.


Student Name: Title: Supervisor:
Wenhao WU A study on production, consumption and policy of high-value Japonica rice in China Hsiaoping CHIEN
Fan WANG Investigation on the role of gene regulation between chlorophyll biosynthesis and iron accumulation in rice Hiromi NAKANISHI
Abdulmalek Abdulla ELMADANI Autoxicity of strawberry root exudates during the vegetative stage under hydroponic systems Saneyuki KAWABATA
An Thi Ha NGUYEN Genetic variation in root vascular traits in a japonica x japonica population at vegetative and maturity stages under upland and lowland conditions Akihiko KAMOSHITA
Wenjie ZHAN Peer Effects and Social Attitude in Groundwater Appropriation: Experimental Evidence Takeshi SAKURAI
Dingyuan ZHENG Asset Allocation of Rural Households under Credit Constraints: Empirical Evidence from China Takeshi SAKURAI
Diana J. SAMBOU Evaluation of socioeconomic characteristics and nutrient management of the growers of fonio in Gambia. Kensuke OKADA
Pitcha VARAPONGSITTIKUL Study on salt consumption and dietary salt content in Bangkok, Thailand Tetsuya ARAKI
Ming Hei LEUNG Studies on vitellogenesis-inhibiting hormone (VIH) in the whiteleg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, and potential applications to artificial reproductive control Marcy N. WILDER
Keru WANG Under the WTO Green Box
-An Empirical Evaluation of the Effect of Agricultural-Environmental Payments on Production Stimulation
Nobuhiro SUZUKI
Yao HU
Cloning and expression of recombinant tandem repeat antigen in Fasciola hepatica for serological diagnosis Yasunobu MATSUMOTO



Student Name: Title:  Supervisor:
Use of medium-resolution satellite remote sensing data to estimate above-ground biomass in Buffer zone community forest of Nepal Satoshi TSUYUKI
Nigel Chun Lok KWAN
Epidemiological studies of the effectiveness and appropriateness of today’s Japanese rabies prevention system Katsuaki SUGIURA *
Yueren WU Detection of Japanese Oak Wilt damaged trees in The University of Tokyo Chiba Forest using RGB color aerial imageries Satoshi TSUYUKI
Jin NI Study on effects of low-temperature roasting condition on physiochemical and sensory profiles of roasted coffee beans using coffee beans from three origins Tetsuya ARAKI
Thum CHUN HAU Simulation Approach to Estimate Rice Yield and Energy Generation under Agrivoltaic System Kensuke OKADA
Jaya NEPAL Elucidation of optimum use of calcined phosphate rock fertilizer for sorghum using crop growth model under semi-arid environments in Burkina Faso Kensuke OKADA
Naufal Shidqi RABBANI Prediction of Strawberry’s Internal Characteristics Using Spectroscopy Tetsuya ARAKI

Duoli YANG


The Effects of Salinity on Physiological Parameters and Gonad Development in Male Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, in Relation to Male Broodstock Improvement Marcy N. WILDER
Yu YEKAI The Study on Artificial Intelligence Application Assisting Reborn of Iitate Beef Masaru MIZOGUCHI
Angela LEUNG The study on monitoring cattle manure condition using Thermal Infrared Imagery Masaru MIZOGUCHI
Feng YUWEN A study on consumer behavior of dairy products in urban China: from the perspective of nutrition and consumer preferences Hsiaoping CHIEN
Wang JIE The Impact of Subsidies to Agricultural Insurance on Agricultural Production and Farmers’ Income in China: Analyses Using Provincial-Level Panel Data Takeshi SAKURAI



Student name:
Title: Supervisor:
Sadeepa JAYATHUNGA Applicability of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for uneven-aged forest management planning: A study in a mixed conifer- broadleaf forest in Northern Japan Toshiaki OWARI
Jackie Lou TAGUBASE Study on the quality evaluation of frozen durian Tetsuya ARAKI
Nuwan Priyashantha de Silva SALPADORU HEWAWASAN Optimizing Productivity and Quality of Wheat through Modelling Approach Kensuke OKADA
Mai-Mari HIROSE CARLSEN Prevention of Crystallisation of Silicon Oxide upon Combusting Rice Husk Yukie SAITO
Tayier DILIBAIER Estimation of tree height from single tree detection using small footprint airborne LiDAR and aerial photography in a coniferous planation forest in Saitama, Japan Satoshi TSUYUKI
Wenyuan FENG Is China’s Outward FDI in Africa a Political Risk Seeker? Takeshi SAKURAI
Ida ROSDIANTI Physiology and Genetic Studies of Iron Toxicity Tolerance Mechanism in Indonesian Rice Germplasm Using an Artificial Screening System Matthias WISSUWA
Naoya TAKEDA Application of APSIM-Oryza2000 to sloped rice fields with contour-levee irrigation system in Colombia for efficient water use Kensuke OKADA
Xilin ZHANG Effect of Temperature on the Water Adsorption Isotherms of High-Pressure-Processing Barley Flour Tetsuya ARAKI



 Student name:
Vu Minh Hoan System Analysis of Land Development in Vietnam’s Metropolises : The case of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi
Fanmiao WANG Genome wide association studies (GWAS) for early root vigor and seed phosphorus concentration using an Oryza sativa indica diversity panel
Matthias WISSUWA
Chulabush Khatancharoen Evaluating Fire Disturbances and Forest Cover Changes Using Remote Sensing in Zeya State Nature Reserve, Russia Satoshi TSUYUKI,
Pauleen Maria PETALCORIN YOUNGER The applicability of the Flow Hive using Apis cerana japonica Kae MIYAZAWA
Jordan Brittany WHITE SPRINGER Effects of combined applications of transparent plastic mulch and green manure on soil properties and cabbage yield Kae MIYAZAWA
Guillermo Daniel GONZALEZ LOZANO Stress response of plant cultured cell and tissues on the productivity of secondary metabolites Takashi YAMAKAWA*
Fatemee Shahinur Rahman Muhammad Development of Youth Mediated Communication Method in Schools to Provide Agricultural Information and Knowledge to Farmers of Bangladesh Seishi NINOMIYA *
Florence Hiu Yan LUI Manufacture of binderless boards from Oak (Quercus spp.) logs used for Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) mushroom cultivation Yukie SAITO
Mireayi AIERKEN Phenotyping and genetic studies of rice in the response to different nitrogen sources Kensuke OKADA



Student name:
Title: Supervisor:
Lingke MENG Baking characteristics and subsequent properties of frozen pizza dough under different freezing conditions by using a superheated steam (SHS) oven Tetsuya ARAKI
Fan WANG Characterization of an Fe-deficiency inducible protein kinase gene (PK) in rice Hiromi NAKANISHI
Yu-Chau CHEN Effect of Continuous Input of Sorghum on Vegetable Yield and Soil Properties Kae MIYAZAWA
Nigel Chunlok KWAN Quantitative risk assessment of the introduction of rabies into Japan through the illegal landing of dogs from Russian fishing boats in the ports of Hokkaido, Japan Katsuaki SUGIURA *
Khin Yimon Hlaing Assessment of Participatory Afforestation Programs for Rural
Livelihood Development and Forest Conservation: Case Studies in Dry Zone, Myanmar
Makoto INOUE*
Cheung Pang WONG Interaction of V Protein from Newly Isolated Newcastle Disease Virus with STAT-1 Protein in Vero Cells Yasunobu MATSUMOTO
Aung Thu Intranasal immunization of mice with TLR3 and TLR9 ligands improves the immunogenicity of rabies vaccine Yasunobu MATSUMOTO
Naho KASUKAWA Examining Oraganic Acid Root Exudate Content and Function for Leafy Vegetables Under Water-Stressed Conditions Kae MIYAZAWA
Mariko NAKAMURA Evaluation and Comparison of Rice and Soybean Intercrop Systems: A Field Experiment Kensuke OKADA



Student name:


Formulation and characterization of micro/nano emulsion systems encapsulating vitamins and phytochemicals using conventional and microchannel emulsification Hiroshi NABETANI*
Anjar Dimara SAKTI Spectral mixture analysis of Landsat satellite imagery for land cover study of highly degraded peatland in Indonesia Satoshi TSUYUKI
Tai-Shen CHEN Exemplification in the potential usage of the historical crop performance database by analyzing the Japan Rice Performance Test database Seishi NINOMIYA*
Maria Cecilia GRANDI Industrial forest policy and local development: The experience from Chile Makoto INOUE*
Manish RAMAIAH Micro-irrigation as Precision Farming Practice in India: An Evaluation of Economic Benefits from Water-scarce Locations in Western India Masaru MIZOGUCHI
Shiwei WANG Expansion of rice cultivation under water resource constraints and climate change impacts in Heilongjiang Province of China Kazuhiko KOBAYASHI*
Carlos Andres SATIZABAL Hermit crab assemblage and changes provoked by the mega earthquake and tsunami of 2011 on Tohoku area, Japan Hisashi KUROKURA*
Sadeepa JAYATHUNGA Analysis of structural complexity using airborne LiDAR and aerial photography in a mixed conifer-broadleaved forest in central Hokkaido, Japan Toshiaki OWARI



Student name:
Thi Nga NGUYEN Effective immunization of Ascaris suum protective As16 antigen by use of bionanocapsule (BNC) Yasunobu MATSUMOTO
Yuka MATSUBARA Factors Affecting the Adoption of ICT Tools for Farm Management in Tokachi
– The Case Study of ‘Field Touch’ Monitor Farmers –
Daniel PRAMUDITA Study on the Roasting Kinetics and Colour Change of Coffee Bean under Pre-roasting, Roasting, and Over-roasting Conditions Tetsuya ARAKI
Unraveling the root growth pattern and root hairs impact on phosphorus uptake in several rice(Oryza sativa L.) varieties Matthias WISSUWA
Priyanka SONI Recombinant Peptide HR1 Complexed with Bio-Nanocapsule as a Novel Vaccine for Newcastle Disease Virus Yasunobu MATSUMOTO
Nuwan Priyashantha de Silva SALPADORU HEWAWASAN Application of APSIM Crop Model to the Decision Support in Nitrogen Management for Wheat Cultivation in Japan Kensuke OKADA



Student name:
Fanmiao WANG Identification and characterization of phosphorus (P) transporters responsible for P loading into rice grain Matthias WISSUWA
Yinn Mar Swe Hlaing Evaluation of the effectiveness of different sources of phosphate rock in an Volcanic ash soil Kensuke OKADA
Xie RONGRONG Studies for organic nitrogen utilization patterns of rice and simulating its mineralization patterns by APSIM model Kensuke OKADA
Abu Saleh Md. Golam Kibria Evaluating Land Use of Indigenous People in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh: Lessons for REDD+ Implementation Makoto INOUE



Student name:
Preparation and characterization of water-in-oil and water-in-oil-in-water emulsions loaded with high concentration of L-ascorbic acid Kensuke OKADA
Maharani Dewi Solikhah Study on the Performance of Bubble Column Reactor for Biodiesel Fuel Production Using CFD Simulation Hiroshi NABETANI*
Thanh Lam NGUYEN Identification of epitopes within Ascaris suum 16 protective protein which immobilizes Ascaris summ larvae Yasunobu MATSUMOTO



* Retired from the University of Tokyo