Our graduates

Message from our graduates


“I learned a lot of new things which strengthened my background and broadened my horizons. The IPADS Program not only provided theoretical knowledge from textbook and research papers but also contained practical experience like hands-on field work at the Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services. In addition, our program collaborated with the University of Bonn so that we could take classes with their students and professors.” (Wang Fan, a graduate of the PhD course in 2020)

“I chose the IPADS program due to its unique structural design and different teaching methodologies. The teaching style mostly focuses on discussions about different emerging topics of agriculture, combined with on-site experiments under real conditions. Moreover, I also decided to study at IPADS because the University of Tokyo is one of the world’s leading universities in agriculture development sciences. ” (Nauman Khalid, a graduate of the PhD course in 2015)

“The most interesting fact for me in IPADS was that students are able to take courses on various topics, see what is exciting for each of us, and then choose the lab we wish to join for our masters, regardless of what we studied before. It was fascinating to try new tools and understand concepts outside of what I was acquainted with. ” ‘(Yuka MATSUBARA, a graduate of the MSc course in 2014)







Nauman Khalid  —– September 2010 Entry

Yuka Matsubara ——- September 2012 Entry

KWAN NIGEL CHUN LOK ——- September 2014 Entry