Admission requirements

To be admitted into IPADS, applicants must:

  • hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution (to enter MSc)
  • hold a Master’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution (to enter PhD)
  • have a very high level of English proficiency, as demonstrated by their TOEFL or IELTS score. While IPADS Office does not publish the official cut-off scores for English proficiency tests, IPADS Office welcomes applicants who meet the following criteria: TOEFL – 98 and above, IELTS – 7.0 and above. Exemptions from submitting the English test scores are given to applicants from a very limited number of countries and who meet our criteria only. IPADS Office reserves the right to request submission of a proof of English proficiency from all applicants, regardless of their nationalities and educational background.
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  • possess an excellent academic record and sound plan for their Master’s/PhD research
  • have secured enough fund to support themselves and families for the duration of their stay (e.g. scholarships)
  • be in good health

IPADS is open to applicants from all countries and regions. This includes Japanese citizens and permanent residents, although they might be excluded from selection for some scholarships due to their eligibility rules.