Yoichiro KATO

Yoichiro KATO, Professor

・Standing Faculty, International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS)

Laboratory of Global Plant Resource Science , Department of Global Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo







Contact information:

Phone +81 3-5841-8045

>>EMAIL   ykato[at]g.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp


Employment history

2020~ Professor, The University of Tokyo
2017~ Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
2016-2017: Senior Scientist, International Rice Research Institute
2014~ Adjunct Professor, The University of the Philippines, Los Banos
2013-2016: Scientist, International Rice Research Institute
2011-2013: Visiting Research Fellow, International Rice Research Institute, Philippines
2007-2013: Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
2007: Post-doctoral Fellow, The University of Tokyo
2005-2007: JSPS Research Fellow


Education and Award

Ph.D.      Mar/2007, The University of Tokyo (Agronomy/Crop Physiology)
M.Sc.      Mar/2004, The University of Tokyo (Agronomy)
B.Sc.      Mar/2002, The University of Tokyo (Agronomy)

·   The 8th Young Investigator Award (2009). The Foundation of Agricultural Sciences of Japan
·   The 13th Research Award for Young Scientists (2008). Japanese Society of Crop Science



Agronomy, Crop physiology


Research interests

  1. Agronomy on the crop yield stability in low-input sustainable agriculture
  2. Agronomy for the efficient water and crop management in direct-seeded rice
  3. Physiology on the adaptation to water stress and low soil fertility in rainfed rice
  4. Climate change adaptation in crop production in Asia


Kato Y, Hayashi K. (2021) Japan and IRRI: Contributions to international rice research for sustainable development, lessons learned and ways forward. JARQ 55, 483-487

Manzanilla DO, Singh, RK, Kato Y, Johnson DE. (2016) Climate-ready technologies: Combating poverty by raising productivity in rainfed rice environments in Asia. Los Baños (Philippines): International Rice Research Institute. 204 p (available online: http://irri.org/resources/publications/books/item/climate-ready-technologies-combating-poverty-by-raising-productivity-in-rainfed-rice-environments-in-asia)

Haefele SM, Kato Y, Singh S. (2016) Climate ready rice: augmenting drought tolerance with best management practices. Field Crops Res. 190, 60-69

Kato Y, Katsura K. (2014) Rice adaptation to aerobic soils: physiological consideration and implications for agronomy. Plant Prod. Sci. 17, 1-12

Kato Y, Yamagishi J. (2011) Long-term effects of organic manure application on the productivity of winter wheat grown in a crop rotation with maize in Japan. Field Crops Res. 120, 387-395