Naoto KAMATA, Professor

・Cross-Appointed Faculty, International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS)

Chiba Forest, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo

Contact information

+81 4-7094-0621

>>EMAIL kamatan[at]


Forestry, Ecology (Plant-animal interactions, Population ecology of forest insects, community ecology)


Research themes

  • Forest defoliating insects and biotic and abiotic factors
  • Wood-boring insects with special reference to tree-killing disease
  • Forest decline and regime shift induced by overpopulated deer
  • Masting behavior and predispersal insect predation

I study forest decline caused by many biotic factors: ambrosia beetles, forest defoliators, and deer. I address the most fundamental questions about balance of healthy forest ecosystems and causes of various types of forest declines. Interactions among multiple trophic levels and influence of biotic and abiotic factors have been the major scopes.