IPADS-ZEF joint activities 2019

Since 2015, IPADS and ZEF (Center for Development Research, University of Bonn) have jointly conducted the collaborative educational programs including joint coursework, seminar and various cultural activities.

The 2019 IPADS-ZEF collaboration has started with joint coursework on “Resilience of Ecological and Social Systems” for June 13th – 19th at Yayoi campus of the University of Tokyo as well as in Yui fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture conducted by Dr. Guenther MANSKE from ZEF and Dr. Hiroe ISHIHARA, Assistant Professor of IPADS.

Five junior researchers in doctoral program of ZEF visited our campus accompanied by Dr. Manske and attended the seven days coursework including field work in Yui fishing port. The students from ZEF actively participated the discussion and shared the knowledge/opinion with other participants of the Japanese side, mainly graduate students from IPADS and Department of Global Agricultural Sciences about the resource management with a focus on Japanese fisheries management. On the final day of the lecture, group presentation on the field work was held for the open audience from the whole graduate school at Yayoi campus of the University of Tokyo.



<Yui fishries port>


From September 17th to 20th, the annual IPADS Introductory Course was held mainly for freshly enrolled IPADS 2019 entrants by Dr. Manfred DENICH, Professor/Senior Researcher in ZEF. As an agroecologist, Dr. Denich has given the four days lectures on interdisciplinary research on the sustainable management of agroecosystems and rural livelihood in developing regions based on his experiences in Brazilian Amazon region as well as in West and East Africa where he led international projects and study various agrosilvicultural systems.



Dr. Manfred DENICH with Dr. Kensuke OKADA, IPADS Director

Dr. Manfred DENICH’s profile page in ZEF