IPADS PhD Research: Jeana CADBY

IPADS PhD student conducting sustainable agricultural development research, investigating craft chocolate and specialty cacao “Craft chocolate and specialty cacao has the potential to push the industry in a more sustainable direction; better farming practices to support biodiversity and conservation, ethical sourcing to improve farmer livelihoods and bargaining power, and higher quality overall, including flavor and

IPADS PhD Research : Charles Lin

An IPADS PhD student conducting agricultural research at the Complex Systems Institute in Paris, France as a visiting scholar “Agriculture should be a steady and sophisticated process, with practical applications, to connect the world.”     ABOUT Charles Lin is a 2nd year IPADS PhD student, and a native of Taiwan. He is under the

IPADS MSc Research: Jaya NEPAL

Doing fieldwok in Africa IPADS is global for the students’ nationality and their research fields.   Jaya Nepal, a Nepalese graduate student at the 2nd year Master’s program in IPADS has worked at Kamboinse, near the capital Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso since June 2018. He is conducting a field experiment for his research “Calibration and