Spotlight Professor Yukie SAITO

“Global Plant Material Science opens up diverse possibilities in order to solve issues of the current world. Globally available plant material, an abundant renewable resource, has been thrown into the limelight with its potential to replace conventional resources, such as fossil fuels.”   Professor Yukie SAITO in IPADS is a forerunner in research on plant

Spotlight Professor Suzuki

“We are looking for students with ‘warm hearts’ seeking solutions to poverty in the world, students with ‘cool heads’ doubting empty theories” Interview with Professor Nobuhiro Suzuki, Environmental Economics, Food Supply and Demand Analysis. Dear Professor Suzuki, you are one of the leading economists in Japan. So what is your motivation to teach at IPADS?

Spotlight Professor Kobayashi

“To take advantage of the interdisciplinary and international features of the IPADSprogram, open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity are among the important characteristics we expect of students who want to enroll in this program.” Interview with Professor Kazuhiko Kobayashi, one of IPADS’ “founding fathers”.     ・Dear Professor Kazuhiko Kobayashi, as you are one of the founding