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Application sites for Round One IPADS 2024 Oct. intake open.

Admission rules and on-line application sites for IPADS 2024 intake (MSc, JJWBGSP and Ph.D. program) are released in the following sites. 1. Applicants must read the rules for the program, you apply. MSc information JJWBGSP information Ph.D. information 2. After applicants understand it and are ready to apply, go to the following links for on-line

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News for 2024 IPADS intake admissions

Application timetable for October 2024 intake has been uploaded. Schedule IPADS Office announce that the official admission rule for 2024 IPADS intake will be released on Sep. 29th, 2023. Also, the on-line application site for Round One for MSc/JJWBGSP/Ph.D. will be opened on the same date (Sep. 29th, 2023). Round One will be closed on

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