IPADS MSc Program is a two-year coursework and research program towards the University of Tokyo’s MSc (Agricultural Sciences) degree. To graduate, students must satisfactorily gain 30 credit points from the subject list below (courses in 2016) and pass the defense of their Master’s thesis. Subjects with * are compulsory. Subjects with + are semi-compulsory (i.e. at least one of them has to be completed before submission of the Master’s thesis).

The lectures are mainly taught by the professors at the Department of Global Agricultural Sciences of the University of Tokyo. The professors have excellent academic carrier and wide experiences in international researches. Students can also use the university’s link with other universities and institutes both national and international.

Courses List

Code Course Name Credit
3910312 IPADS Development Studies(*) 2
3910313 IPADS Case Studies(*) 2
3910301 IPADS Food Resources 2
3910314 IPADS Crop Modeling 2
3910322 IPADS Crop Modeling Advanced 2
3910316 IPADS Summer Crop Management (+) 2
3910317 IPADS Winter Crop Management (+) 2
3910318 IPADS Plant Improvement 2
3910319 IPADS Soil Fertility Management 2
3910302 International Forest Development 1
3910303 International Forest Certification 2
3910304 Forest Insect Ecology 2
3910305 IPADS Economics 2
3910320 IPADS Statistics 2
3910324 IPADS Coastal Ecology 2
3910323 Sustainability and Crop Production 2
3910321 IPADS Guest Seminars 2
3910325 IPADS Research Seminars 4
3910311 International Master’s Research 8