Round two shortlist announced -Admission October 2022 (MSc & PhD)

Admission October 2022 (MSc & PhD)
– Round Two Prescreening results announced on March 7, 2022


Congratulations! The following applicants have been shortlisted and are invited to submit the additional documents.



    SHORTLIST round one 2022

For shortlisted applicants to be considered in the final selection process all documents must be submitted to the IPADS Office and the Examination Fee (required under Japanese Law) be paid by 1 April 2022.

Detailed instructions will be sent to each shortlisted applicant by email from IPADS Office shortly.

★Application form (either in word or PDF) that all shortlisted applicants are required to submit can be downloaded as below;

IPADS Introductory Course

●Two reference letters must be sent directly from referees to the IPADS Office by email :
info[★]    (please put @ in place of ★)

The deadline for submission of the additional documents for Round Two application is April 1, 2022.

IPADS Office