MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship (International Priority Program adopted in 2021) application procedure 2024

You have been selected as a candidate to be recommended to the Ministry of Education for the MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship by IPADS. This page is guiding you through the additional documents you need to submit to IPADS Office by the deadline.

As you are required to abide by the conditions and the requirements stipulated by the MEXT scholarship adopted in 2021, please make sure that you read and understand the 2024 MEXT Scholarship Guidelines as below.

2024 MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship (adopted in fiscal year 2021) Guidelines_English translation by UTokyo


Please submit the following documents in the designated format to the IPADS Office.

<Deadline for submission>
PDF, MS Word DATA by online submission: February 2nd, 2024 PM 5:00 (Japan Standard Time)

Original copy by Express mailing (e.g. UPS, Fedex, DHL): February 8, 2024 PM 5:00 (Japan Standard Time)

<Required documents> <Electronic copy through upload> By Feb. 2nd, 2024 <Mailing to U of Tokyo> By Feb. 8th, 2024 Template

(MS Word or PDF)

1) MEXT application form with a digital face photo

(* Please note that the MEXT scholarship currently offered by IPADS is the program adopted in FY2021)

If you have any publications for the Question 14, you need to create an extra MS word file including title, author names and abstract of your publications, then submit this word file to the upload link.

 PDF data (type the form, with a digital face photo attached)
  Single-sided printed on A4-sized paper download the form from here >>
2) Field of Study and Research Plan

For IPADS MSc program, your research topics will be decided after start your program in fact. Therefore, you write what you want to study and research in IPADS program currently for the Question #2 and 3 respectively, even if these research topics will be changed later.

For PhD program, you write the details for Question #2 and 3 based on your research proposal.

Word data (type the form and no handwriting)
  download the form from here >>
3) A recommendation letter* prepared in English or Japanese by dean (Head of your school or faculty) addressed to the president of The University of Tokyo
*Caution: This is an additional recommendation letter differed from two recommendation letters in the application process.
PDF (electronically scanned form with original hand-written signature)
Original copy (No photocopy)
4) Latest official transcript with explanation of grading system issued by all your university (attach an English translation, if it is written in language other than English or Japanese)
PDF (electronically scanned form)
Original copy (No photocopy)
5) Degree certificate or official statement (not Diploma) of graduation/certificate of expected graduation from all your graduated or current university (attach an English translation, if it is written in language other than English or Japanese) PDF (only those who have not yet submitted to the IPADS Office)


Original copy (No photocopy)
6) Certificate of English language education for your previous or current program of university (except those who have submitted the scores of TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Essentials, IELTS to the IPADS Office) PDF (only those who have not yet submitted to the IPADS Office) Original copy (No photocopy)
7)  Passport copy (Only those whose passport has been renewed since lastly submitted to the IPADS Office)  PDF
8)  Additional inquiries about Visa (except a domestic applicant whose residential address at the time of application is in Japan) Word data
download the form from here >>


<Important instructions>

● All uploading documents need to be titled under IPADS reference number and your name, as well as name of the document so that we can easily identify on each document. (eg. 24xxx_Taro TODAI_Field of Study and Research Plan)

● Each PDF and MS Word Data file is required to be uploaded at the online storage drive (the link and password will be in the email) by February 2nd. When the documents all sets in the drive, please notify our office by email.

● Our office will check all uploaded PDF and MS Word documents. After approve your all documents by our office, original copy or certified copy must be mail to the IPADS Office by traceable method such as registered mail or international courier (e.g. UPS, DHL, and FedEx). Those documents must arrive at the IPADS Office by February 8, 2024.

● Applicants for PhD course must get approval on the contents of 2) from his/her potential supervisor in IPADS before submission. For MSc applicants, Professor Mitsuo YAMAMOTO can check the contents of 2) as interim supervisor and contact each applicant if further amendment is necessary.

● Please refrain to use a stapler to attach for any original copy or certified copy


After completing a recommendation process of the University by submitting the above mentioned documents to the Ministry of Education (MEXT), final decision from MEXT will be notified to each awardee in July 2024.


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the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
the University of Tokyo

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