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Congratulations for your graduation!

Two students in IPADS Master’s program received a diploma at 2017 Spring Diploma Presentation/Graduate C […]

2017 IPADS MSc/PhD Thesis presentation seminar

IPADS/Department of Global Agricultural Sciences MSc/PhD Thesis presentation seminar was held on July 10, 2017 […]

Rice as a plant – more than just filling our bellies

Rice is a staple plant food that makes up a large portion of diets from Japan to sub-Saharan Africa and South […]

Living in Tokyo – a guide for students

Tokyo is a modern metropolis that is known for being an eclectic mix of traditional, modern, local and foreign […]

Mariko, Welcome to the ZEF Exchange

A blog post by Mariko NAKAMURA Mariko earned a MSc degree at IPADS in September 2016 and is now attending ZEF& […]


Wang Fan 1st year doctoral student, IPADS (September 2014 Entry) Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology Native Coun […]