IPADS students will be supervised for research by one of the following faculty members (as of April 2018).

Name Research Area
Yoko Aida, Professor*1 Animal Science
Tetsuya Araki, Associate Professor Food Science
Hsiaoping Chien, Associate Professor *1 Economics
Hideki Endo, Professor Animal Science
Naoto Kamata, Professor Forestry
Akihiko Kamoshita, Associate Professor Plant Science
Yoichiro Kato, Associate Professor Plant Science
Tomohiko Kawamura Professor Fisheries
Hiroyuki Kawashima, Associate Professor *2 Economics
Satoshi Kubo, Associate Professor *1*2 Plant Material Science
Yasunobu Matsumoto, Associate Professor Animal Science
Masaru Mizoguchi, Professor Agroinformatics
Kae Miyazawa, Associate Professor Plant Science
Hiroshi Nabetani, Professor *1 Food Science
Hiromi Nakanishi, Lecturer Plant Biotechnology
Kensuke Okada, Professor Plant Science
Toshiaki Owari, Associate Professor Forestry
Yukie Saito, Professor Plant Material Science
Tamotsu Sato, Associate Professor *1 Forestry
Takeshi Sakurai, Professor Economics
Katsuaki Sugiura, Professor Animal Science
Nobuhiro Suzuki, Professor Economics
Satoshi Tsuyuki, Professor Forestry
Matthias Wissuwa, Associate Professor *1 Plant Biotechnology
Nobuyuki Yagi, Professor Fisheries
Marcy N. Wilder, Professor *1 Fisheries

*1 : Adjunct faculty who can also supervise postgraduate students.

Applicants for the PhD program must contact their potential supervisor(s) directly and prepare a research proposal with him/her/them prior to application. The IPADS Office does not offer assistance for potential applicants to select their PhD supervisors.

*2 : Unable to become thesis supervisor.

For the MSc program, prospective students shortlisted for admission may contact their potential supervisors to discuss research opportunities. Until then, all MSc application-related inquiries should be directed to the IPADS Office.