Message from IPADS Graduate

Grads List

  • KWAN NIGEL CHUN LOK ——- September 2014 Entry
  • Dr. Nauman Khalid

    Researcher, The Alliance for Research on North Africa (ARENA),
    University of Tsukuba and Visiting Researcher, Food Engineering Division, National Food Research Institute, NARO, Tsukuba,Japan

    (Graduate in September 2015)


    ● Why did you choose to study in IPADS?

    I chose the IPADS program due to its unique structural design and different teaching methodologies. The teaching style mostly focuses on discussions about different emerging topics of agriculture, combined with on-site experiments under real conditions. Moreover, I also decided to study at IPADS because the University of Tokyo is one of the world’s leading universities in agriculture development sciences.

    ● So what were your experiences during your studies at IPADS as a student?

    Studying in the IPADS program polished my skills in agricultural sciences. My basic agriculture knowledge was definitely strengthened after participating in discussions regarding crop modelling, soil science and agricultural economics and brought to a new level. Besides studying at the University of Tokyo I conducted research in the National Food Research Institute, NARO, in Tsukuba that further strengthened my skills in Food Science and Technology. The most memorial experience at IPADS was the onsite field experiments in Tanashi, where I learnt about techniques for crop cultivation and crop modelling methods. The professors and teaching staff of the IPADS program have in-depth knowledge, but also a very friendly attitude that make the challenging tasks easy to handle and yourself feel comfortable as a student.



    Field preparation for sowing at University of Tokyo experimental station, Tanashi


    ● What is your present job, and how you are enjoying it? Did you benefit from your education at IPADS?

    I feel proud of being an Alumnus of the University of Tokyo and especially of being a pioneer student of the IPADS program. After graduating, I joined the University of Tsukuba as an Assistant Professor and I have been benefiting a lot from the knowledge that I gained within the IPADS program. I can implement all the techniques that I learnt in the IPADS program and am able to get useful and fruitful academic and research results.

    ● Do you have any advice or messages to the juniors and the prospective students?

    My advice is to definitely study Japanese, although the program is entirely held and managed in English. Learning Japanese will help you to get familiar with the Japanese culture and traditions in a better way. The other advice to the juniors is to work hard and deeply understand the new techniques in agricultural development sciences. My advice to new students: IPADS is one of the most organized agricultural development programs, where you can learn about new techniques and policies that can uplift your country’s agriculture status. Moreover, you will learn how to manage your research work in the dynamic environment of the University of Tokyo.



    Diploma awarding ceremony of IPADS students at University of Tokyo